Owner and head-chef, Arturo, creates special recipes for the menu using only fresh vegetables and fresh meats. Arturo is also passionate about the beverages served by Pasion Tequila’s bar– Arturo’s Cantina; A favorite is the Golden Margarita (or Marta’s Margarita).


The word Tequila itself is a mystery. It is said to be an ancient Nahuatl term. The Nahuatl were the original people who lived in the area. The word means means “the place of harvesting plants”.

The History of this delicious drink dates several centuries ago, when indians of Jalisco had to take refuge in a cave as a result of a storm. Suddenly, lighning struck a mezcales, which burned for several hours. As the storm passed, the wind carried tward the neighbors a pleasant aroma. One of them took a piece of burnt agave and it felt sweet taste. Then he offered to others, who thus discovered the usefulness of the plant. An indigenous forgot the juice for several days, returning to his hut, he noted that white bubbles had thick a white foam. Found when tested with a rich and distinct fruit. He broke the foam liquid for consumption. Drinking led to the indian personality change, hence the liquid is considered a gift form the gods.

In mexico condices include representation of the godess mayahuel, with 400 beast fed equal numbers of children, Centzon totochtin, patrons of drunkenness. among the aztecs, the tequila was comfused only by leaders and priests in religious events and festivities. On arrival of the Spanish, Moctezuma 2 hosted a banquet with tequila Hernan Cortes, who belived Quetzalcoatl. The Spanish decided to to purify drinking distilled and get something stonger, giving way to call mescal wine or spirits. In the seventeenth century with the introduction of Spanish distillation systems, tequila and mezcal became new sources of wealth, Whose production was controlled by the conquerors.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries,the Spanish encouranged the production of agave and laid the foundation for the development characteristic product of the area.